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Rev. George Boyd, St. Brendan's, Motherwell.  Rev. Patrick Boyd, W.F. (Retired)  Rev. Frank Briody, W.F. (R.I.P)  Rev. John Cawley, (Retired)  Rev. John Crerand, (R.I.P)  Rev. Michael Docherty, O.M.I., (R.I.P)  Rev. James Donnelly, (R.I.P)  Rev. Richard Fee, O.F.M.Cap., U.S.A.  Rev. Bernard Feeley, U.S.A.  Rev. John Fern, (R.I.P)  Rev. Clarence Gallacher, S.J., Oxford.  Rev. Denis Garrity, (Retired)  Rev. John Gogarty, (Retired)  Rev. Patrick Grady, St. Peter's, Aberdeen.  Rev. Frederick Hilary M.H.M., (R.I.P)  Very Rev. James Jackson, (Retired)  Rev. Daniel Kennedy, (R.I.P)  Rev. John Love, I.C., (R.I.P)  Rev. John McCabe, (R.I.P)  Very Rev. Thomas McCann, (R.I.P)  Rev. Gerald B. McColgan, (R.I.P)  Rev. Arthur McCool, (Father Campion, O.F.M.), (R.I.P)  Right Rev. Mgr. John McGuckin, (R.I.P)  Rev. Hugh McGurk, (R.I.P)  Rev. Thomas McGurk, (R.I.P)  Rev. James McChrystal, (R.I.P)  Right Rev. Mgr. John McQuillan, (R.I.P)  Rev. Gerald Maher, (Retired)  Rev. Michael Maher,(R.I.P)  Rev. Peter Murie, R.I.P.  Rev. Hugh Murphy, (R.I.P)  Rev. Daniel O'Brien, (R.I.P)  Rev. Stephen Miller, St Andrews Airdrie  Rev. Thomas Welsh , Xaverian Fathers, Coatbridge
These are the men within the Holy Family Parish who have been ordained priests:
Holy Family Mossend